Bob Dylan Center Book Club: “The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes on Trial”


Join Bob Dylan Center Director Steven Jenkins for an online discussion with John Densmore, legendary drummer for The Doors, eternally beloved for “Light My Fire,” “Touch Me,” “L.A. Woman” and many other classics. In his new book “The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes on Trial,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy® Lifetime Achievement Award recipient reflects on his band’s tumultuous history and champions artistic integrity over profit motive. Densmore’s gripping account of his conflict with band members and legal battle to retain use of The Doors’ name—and thus the band’s heritage—is both a “behind the music” page-turner and a timely reminder that creativity must endure over commerce.

In addition to his two previous books, the best-selling “Riders on the Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison and The Doors” and “The Seekers: Meetings with Remarkable Musicians (and Other Artists),” John Densmore’s writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, the Guardian, the Nation and the Chicago Tribune. He lives in Los Angeles.

Zoom in for this virtual chat as Densmore discusses “The Doors Unhinged” and fields questions from Jenkins and attendees.

The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes on Trial” is available for purchase here.

“There are some of us out there who still have principles and cannot be bought. John Densmore is one of them. He is not for sale and that is his gift to us.”
—Tom Waits

When you read in these pages about the difficulties in communication suffered by and between surviving band members, you become witness to something very similar to the grief and heartbreak felt by parents who have lost a young child. It wasn’t just Jim Morrison that they lost, but their kid, their band, The Doors.
—Eddie Vedder

Virtual event
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 6 p.m. CT

$5 non-members
Free for Bob Dylan Center members

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